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Daughter of ‘painter’, YAS, as her close friends call her, grew up in Geneva.

A self-taught artist, she started to paint in 1990 after having spent several years in New York. She finds her driving force from Matisse’s and Dufy’s works, but it is from numerous trips around the Mediterranean and to the Orient, that Yasmina Rauber will draw her inspiration to create her figurative paintings, silk collages and indian brocades. From then on, she will mix various substances and textures to vibrant colors creating new world where each one of us can give free rein to his/her own fantasy.

There is no compromising with YAS: a Positive curve is woven into each of her canvases. The bright and warm tones of her works are an allusion to these sun-bathed lands.

Bon voyage!


Emotions, harmony of color, guidelines: thusly, are my paintings created, a mixture of the Orient and the Occident.

An idea guides my first strokes of the brush, but afterwards, the painting takes other paths and the journey begins! The liberty of expression is a real breath, it desires to go straight to the essential: simplicity

The mixture of textures and colors tells my story, my spiritual search, simple joys and interior turmoils.


Yasmina Rauber

Obersecki 1
6318 Walchwil

Tel. : +41 79 218 99 49
E. : yas-art@bluewin.ch